Helping you get the most out of your hotel's systems

Property Management Systems (PMS)

The core system that will run the main operations of your hotel including reservations, revenue management, cashiering, housekeeping & maintenance.  Every PMS has its strengths and weaknesses and choosing the right system to match your business and operation style is of huge importance.  Bamboo already works with most of the leading PMS vendors and has an in-depth understanding of their systems, configuration and limitations.


Central Reservation Systems (CRS)

A Central Reservation System allows a hotel (no matter how big or small) to connect their property to the rest of the world.  With connections to the Global Distribution System (GDS) and Internet Distribution System (IDS) hotels can be found and booked by travel agents many thousands of miles away just with a few keystrokes.  Whether you choose to be represented on these systems through a Sales & Marketing representation company; or if you choose to connect direct - we can help you. Click for Vendors





Revenue Management System (RMS)

These systems automate much of the routine work a revenue manager already has to do, but then adds some science and logic to the process that no human can ever replicate.  Taking snapshots of your business throughout the day, the system will be able to spot minute shifts in business patterns and booking pace. Bamboo have an excellent relationship with the market leading vendors of RMS's but also have expert knowledge in their application and operational implications. Click for Vendors


Web Booking Engines (WBE)

With the vast number of third party sites competing against each other for your hotel's business it is important for hotels to also compete.  Making the guest's own booking experience on your own website can immediately help you to reduce third party costs by guests booking direct.  Many hotels spend thousands on getting their website looking perfect yet clicking "book online" immediately lets this investment down as the booking process is unattractive and complicated.  Bamboo have implemented a large array of booking engines and will work together with the vendor and your web designers to get the configuration and "look" just right. Click for Vendors


Channel Management Systems

With the ever-increasing number of Online Travel Agents (OTA) that hotels subscribe to it becomes a daunting task to manage them all in addition to the hotel's own systems and booking engines.  Channel Manager systems are web-based applications that allow you to manage all of your OTA's using a single platform.  With a vast array of Channel Manager systems available, each has their particular strengths and usability so finding the right one can be difficult.  Bamboo have a long experience with Channel Managers and have helped numerous hotels configure the systems and manage their inventories.


Rate-Shopping Tools

Working out your own hotel's pricing can like flying blind if you do not have an understanding how your competition is pricing.  Manually calling the hotel or checking websites can be cumbersome and time consuming and therefore a rate-shopping tool might be the answer.  Running multiple "shops" for rate information on your competitors various channels will allow you to see changes in pricing and whether you are pricing business away from your property. There are many providers of tools on the market and Bamboo will help you to decide based on their reporting detail and reliability of shopping.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Many hotels make the mistake of "blasting" their guest database with messages about promotions and offers in their various outlets.  CRM makes it more personal and engages with the guests by selectively grouping guests' communications into information they are interested about.  Recording their responses and behaviour can really make a marketing campaign yield a far higher return on investment (ROI). 


Interfaces & Integrations

With all of these systems working independently of each other, sometimes the workload of the hotel teams can increase as a result.  Integrating the systems with an interface can dramatically improve your teams workflows but can also increase your revenues.  With interfaces between a CRS and PMS live rates and availability can be displayed across the world right up to the last room available to sell.  Interfaces can be incredibly complicated especially when dealing with multiple systems.  Bamboo can act as the neutral party when dealing with the various vendors and making sure the configuration is just right in all of the systems