Revenue Management Development

Finding a really good revenue manager can be challenging and is usually expensive.  There is great benefit of developing a bright enthusiastic individual from within your team who will already completely understand the in's and out's of your hotel.

With some nurturing, guidance and mentoring from Bamboo Revenue, your revenue champion's skillset and confidence will quickly grow - taking your business that one step ahead of the competition.


A typical support contract might include:

  • Regular morning strategy calls with your team
  • Active participation in your weekly or monthly revenue meetings
  • Development of your short, mid & long term pricing strategies
  • Integration of revenue management principals into your daily hotel operation
  • On-call support for all of your reservations, revenue & system questions
  • Streamlining your existing data capture and reporting processes or choose from our extensive template library.

You are always in control, as strategy implementation and final business decisions remain with you. Ultra flexible contracts from 16 to 35 hours per month allow you to decide exactly the level and areas of support. How can you resist!


  • Your business remains protected during a period of staff change or learning
  • Proven results for a return on your investment
  • Enhanced competitor position
  • Better key performance indicator results
  • Long term development of your in-house revenue champion into a confident and business-minded individual
  • New ideas and alternative perspectives continuously fed into your business