Full Time Professional Support

We recognise it is all about service and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.  But as your operation becomes busier and more involved, revenue management is often placed on the back burner - understandably so, because it requires time and concentration to focus.

By completely outsourcing your revenue management functions to Bamboo Revenue, one of our experienced specialists to focus entirely on your business - and on generating more revenue.


A typical outsourced contract could include:

  • Daily strategy call with your hotel including quick business & pick-up analysis
  • Implementation of agreed short-term strategy across all distribution channels by Bamboo
  • Your weekly forecasts and performance reporting is prepared by Bamboo
  • Proactive development of mid- and long-term pricing strategy
  • Constant communication and a close working relationships with your on-property teams
  • Implementation and integration of a revenue management culture across your operation

Although all traditional revenue responsibilities are assigned to Bamboo Revenue, you are always in control, as final business decisions will still remain with you.


  • Proven results in growing revenue and bringing a full return on investment
  • Your strategy receives full focus and concentration due to our off-site location
  • Full protection of your business and continuous service at all times, e.g. during staff holidays or absence
  • You can tap into the expertise and knowledge of the entire Bamboo team
  • New alternatives and ideas are continuously fed into your business
  • Enhanced positioning against your competitors & better key performance indicator results